Success in inevitable

Success is inevitable.

Other people’s opinions no longer matter.

You are free.

The choice is yours.



According to this study, Sounds and music helps improve your productivity at work and helps generate idea faster. Who doesn’t love a good bit of music? But if you’re like me, I can’t listen to music while working. So what’s the solution ?

There is a solution with Ambient noise generators. I use Noisli to blockout unwanted noise and create a playlists with a mix of sounds (leaves, waves, thunder etc.,), its free and its available as chrome plugin and as iOS and Android app.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 10.43.55 PM

If you’re still looking for some best music for your productivity, check here.

Write it down and blossom into a legend

“If you write it down, you will soon become it.

Just watch. Journal who you want to become every day of your life.

Force yourself to level up daily.

Watch yourself blossom into a legend”.

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