About Dad

Last Sunday, it was my father’s 11th memorial day. My Wife normally remembers the day more than me (though she has never seen my father, as my father died 3 years before I got married) and makes arrangements to perform the Hindu rituals I normally perform every year for my father (Yes, am truly lucky!).

This year, my father’s memorial day came on a Sunday, I felt little merrier at the corner of my heart, as my daughter will be with us when I am going to perform this deities. The happiness is also because, I felt like I will be introducing my daughter to my father who was long gone before her birth. So I started doing the Hindu customs we normally do and brought my daughter near my father’s photo and made her say ‘Thatha’ (Grand pa) which she was continuously repeating for few minutes to my first surprise. Then I saw my Wife shedding few tears as I finished my prayers. At that moment,  all I felt was – happiness, Intense Pride, Joy.

How could two of my loved one’s who have never seen my father in his life time, can create instant connection and display emotion with only a chain link of me in-between ? But all I felt was – happiness. Intense Pride. Joy.

Per my Hindu belief systems,  am sure my father was sitting and watching me and my family during this 20 minutes. If he does, am sure we made him merrier in his after-life. And there is no joy like seeing him happy.



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