India’s cyberspace censorship

India’s cyber censorship is making International headlines now.The Government of India through DoT (Department of Telecommunications) have notified 150 ISPS (Internet Service providers), to block few websites in wake of the Mumbai Serial blasts.

The notification lists five parameters that can allow blocking of websites, which include threats to sovereignty, security of the country, friendly relations with another nation, public order or to prevent a cognizable offense.

The blacklist includes:




• commonfolkcommonsense.blogspot








The parameters looks fine but I don’t have any idea of why they are blocking, this blog just exposes the Communist’s double standards on all issues and as all we knew the entire media is dominated by leftists in India, take every newspapers and channels, they are owned by the leftists in India, and now they have 60 MP’s (funny thing is all 60 MP’s from 2 states, Kerala and West Bengal where they are limited to) who decide the fate of the Congress Govt in India. So no wonder they included this blog into the list.
Any computer savvy person may knew to get around this ban by changing the DNS in the TCP/IP settings to point to some foreign DNS. I guess many might be already doing it. Now don’t ask me to teach how to do it. 


3 Responses to India’s cyberspace censorship

  1. Jag says:

    DO you want to bypass the ban then read here,

  2. traderrob says:

    It’s about appeasment of a minority population in a mindless attempt tom preserve order. It never has nor ever will work.

  3. Siva says:

    Vadaa theviravathi…
    edhu edhu ellam thappunu sollarangalo athu ellam sollitha!!!

    Ennoru idea yerukku….

    There are many internet proxy servers. All your internet requests will pass through the proxy servers and hence bypass all the settings set on your local proxy and your ISP as well. I was using one such site in my old office.

    Now this site started charging its service.. but a good site…

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