Back in US..

With the help of Suji, successfully lost my Bachelorhood, and gave my freedom to her but still has the same caring, multiprocessor Dil you know Emotionwink_1_3

Well am back in US, after a month long hospitality back home, caught up with cough and cold as of now, LA greeted me with heavy rain and still able to drive around, but now gloomed to bed with the comforter wrapped around.

Check out some of the Wedding snaps


5 Responses to Back in US..

  1. Shy says:

    Welcome back Jaga..

    Wish you and your Wife a very Happy, Romantic and Prosperous New Year !!!!

    thats a very nice stage.. romba azhaga irukku :)Happy for you guys.


  2. Jag says:

    Thanks Shy!!

  3. Sivakarthi says:

    Vanakkam Nanbha. Where are the Reception Photos? That Stage decoration is very good man… and the photo that I took during the Lunch…. ellam post pannu pa…

    Nanga e;llam parkanumla…;)

  4. shy says:

    should have attended your wedding pola iruke.. shuper food kku sonen 😉 just kidding


  5. san says:

    congrats again on ur marriage.. such a cute couple 🙂
    wish u and ur wife a very happy married life and have a great yr 🙂

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