Cage I live in…

The Long Drive to Lala’s land was nice, I-5 freeway, for 259 miles made the job easier, listened to 6 comedy tracks and 32 songs repeatedly, now I knew which track each song is in..;)
For the next 2 weeks am gonna live in this cage in this part of the world.Dsc00676 Dsc00674

Cool city Downtown looks splendid…just started exploring…lot to do,  now need to iron my clothes for tomorrow’s office..:(


3 Responses to Cage I live in…

  1. ramdas says:

    Hi jaga,

    rendu munu nallai ikku ithil unnoda pesalama?

    naan ennoda mail anupinal nee personal la padipaya?

    padil mail anupu.

    bye bye see you


  2. Jag says:

    ithila pottinghana world la irukkura ellorum anthaa message padippangha unghalukku athu ok vaa?

  3. bluelotus says:

    hmm not a bad cage though was it :p

    the whole idea of driving more than 100 miles is rather scary, I guess I’m too used to flying and trains…


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